Too soon for university? Start a foundation course and ease into the life of a college student, acquiring the required skills and knowledge base for the next phase in your educational career. Now you can fast-track your way into university just 8-12 months after O Levels through a foundation course. Choose from a wide range of subjects that will open up career pathways that were once a dream.



Want to take the next step after your A-Levels? Begin your university qualification of a Bachelor’s degree, choosing what field you aspire to be in. As an undergraduate, you are not only equipped with theory, but also practical experience in associating with others and how to work in a professional dynamic. 3-4 years of commitment is all you need to become qualified in your field.



What comes next? Continue on to a Masters and develop specialist knowledge as well as attain the skill of becoming a researcher, all while pursuing your passion for your subject area. Become an expert in your chosen field in 1-2 years and be fully ready to face the challenges of the work environment you are in. Whether it is a thirst for knowledge or the need to stay at the top of your game, a Postgraduate qualification will get you where you dream to be.

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New IELTS batch will commence on the 16th of October. Call 0701 773 857 to register.